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Our strong training profile allows us to develop training programs to build the capacity of civil servants, expert and business communities, as well as young professionals and students. We contribute to constructing a strong and competitive society by imparting the latest tools, knowledge, and skills to engage various stakeholders in addressing environmental challenges. We offer short- and long-term online and/or offline trainings making knowledge ever more accessible and convenient.

Corporate trainings

We conduct trainings for governments, academic institutions, and international agencies to ensure the transfer of knowledge on current issues and changes in the policy agenda and legislative framework related to sustainable development.

Trainings for experts, trainers, and academicians

We enhance the competencies of experts and trainers in our priority areas, and train them to further enable a skilled transfer of knowledge from one stakeholder to another. We also offer trainings for subject-matter academicians to update them on international knowledge, skills and technologies.

Training for students and young professionals

We organize summer and winter schools, academic competitions and study trips for students and young professionals. We promote business ideas through hackathons and our business incubator.

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