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The Center for Natural Resources and Sustainability (CRS) conducts applied and practical research. The results of domestic research activities constitute the key element of our educational programs and consulting.

We offer inform and advice policy- and decision-making processes, as well as business operations based on our comprehensive research on cross-cutting issues.

The spectrum of our research ranges from applied research through action and accompanying research to the entire comprehensive policy case studies, market research with applied orientation including interdisciplinary contexts.

Our research methods combine quantitative and qualitative research approaches using modeling, data collection services, surveys, field visits, scenario development, etc.

The CRS’s goal of strengthening academic communities is reflected in our close academic networking offering capacity building for academicians in conducting common research, publication platforms for Central Asian researchers, as well as engaging with global academic partners interested in Central Asia.

We generate:

Research and Review Papers

Our Research Papers are fully documented and interpreted accounts of significant findings of original research projects, and include the presentation of methods, results, discussion, and conclusions. Our Review Papers are critical and comprehensive reviews providing new insights on and/or interpretation of a broad range of issues through thorough and systemic evaluation of available evidence.

Field Research

Our field research includes observing and collecting data on the themes relevant for sustainable development, environment, as well as people and their social and economic status.

Policy Analysis

Under this block, we are looking into the policy context, focusing on the larger Central Asia Region including Afghanistan, and offering studies as well as problem and situational analysis based on the participatory and other cutting-edge research approaches.

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