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In cooperation with German academic institutions, DKU offers high-level graduate and post-graduate education in the fields relevant for sustainable development. All DKU programs undergo educational certification (ACQUIN). The Center for Natural Resources and Sustainability (CRS) supports DKU-led educational programs in the domains of sustainable development and natural resources by providing internships and hands-on experiences to students supplemented with extra curricula teaching. DKU students utilize CRS scientific products and connections to advance their research, networking and professional career.

Bachelor Programs

In the field of engineering, DKU offers BA Programs in energy and environmental engineering, as well as logistics; in economics (Chair of Economics & Business); and in social political studies (Chair of World Politics).

Master Programs

The CRS supports DKU-offered MA Programs related to sustainable development:

  • МА «Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)» focusing on water security, safe access, and rational water allocation in Central Asia;
  • МА «Strategic Management of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency» aimed at fostering the transition of Central Asian countries to green economy and energy;
  • МА «Sustainable Business Development» focusing on sustainable business development management in the conditions of ESG-transformation.

Post-Graduate Programs

The CRS assists young PhD researchers in partnership with German universities, and hosts post-graduate fellows.

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