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Consulting for Government

The CRS offers its scientific and technical expertise in combination with the educational offer, as well as research and analytical skills oriented towards practical problem solutions. Our beneficiaries include private and public organizations implementing national and international projects. We support them by building their capacities, implementing joint projects and/or accelerating existing businesses on their behalf.

Project management

The CRS manages projects of our partners to boost their and the overall sustainability of the surrounding society. Our objective is to professionally and efficiently implement content-related as well as financial and administrative activities within the framework of project management. Our services follow international and internal quality management standards.

Business incubation and acceleration

Our activities help to frame and further develop business ideas, and incubate and accelerate them into early-stage enterprises, offering mentorship and networking with investors and interested partners.

Strategic & policy advice

The CRS provides strategic advice to companies, and policy advice to governments and related agencies. Our team is distributed regionally in Central Asia and Germany keeping close contact with local conditions on the ground. We also collaborate with a wide range of technical experts and active members of local communities across the region to ensure we have access to unique insights from the real experiences in Central Asia.

Technology consulting

Our team of transformative experts helps harnessing technology and innovation within our focus areas as a way to reinvent local business region-wide.

Training Lab

Consulting for Government:

  • Policy development support related to natural resource management, sustainability, and climate change
  • Technical assistance and capacity building for government officials and staff
  • Advisory services for implementing sustainable practices in government projects and programs

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