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September 4th marked the dawn of a new era in Almaty's smart city development! On this date, the Smart City Accelerator was launched — a program that not only "accelerates" startups but also reshapes the city's future.

🔍 From a plenty of applicants, 29 startups have been granted a unique opportunity to showcase their revolutionary ideas in three domains:

📗 Transport: Yes, we have solutions to make your city commute faster, smarter, and more eco-friendly!

📘 Ecology with an ESG focus: Our mission is to build a city where you can breathe, live, and flourish.

📙 Creative Industry: Design and technologies that enhance city life for all of us.

9 weeks of intensive work await: world-class experts, hands-on workshops, mentoring sessions, and deep dives into each area. All this is made possible through a partnership with the "MOST" Business Intelligence, Kazakh-German University (DKU), the Akimat of Almaty, and the Almaty Digitalization Department.

And yes, the ecological direction of the accelerator continues the mission of DKU programs such as 🍃 the International Green Business School “Eco-Talk” and 🌏Kazakhstan ClimAccelerator in partnership with EIT Climate-KIC.

Each participant will contribute to transforming Almaty. Wishing them success on this journey! And, of course, stay tuned with us to be the first to know about all the innovations.

Sept. 4, 2023

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