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The collective monograph "Tomorrow was too late: Environmental Risks in Kazakhstan"


This book was developed by Kazakhstani experts with the involvement of international consultants on various thematic issues of ecology, economics and political science. The eco-book aims to raise awareness among the general public and decision-makers about key environmental risks and threats in water management, air pollution, waste collection and processing, land degradation, biodiversity, climate change and energy efficiency.

This project was implemented by the Kazakh-German University in partnership with the private Dosym Satpayev Foundation, with support from the OSCE Program Office in Nur-Sultan, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Kazakhstan, and the eco-journal Living Asia.

One of the main objectives of the project is to offer recommendations to decision-makers and NGOs to prevent or mitigate these threats.

The book can be downloaded here:

Authors of the monograph:

Chapter 1: Kogutenko Larissa, Barbara Janusz-Pawletta.

Chapter 2: Kerimray Ayimgul, Baimatova Nasiba, Asanov Daulet, Elena Yerzakovich.

Chapter 3: Zikrina Zulfira, Aukhinova Nazia, Asanova Zhanar.

Chapter 4: Saparov Abdulla, Tukenova Zulfiya, Konstantin Pachikin.

Chapter 5: Kuralay Karibayeva, Anatoly Mishchenko, Nadezhda Gemejieva, Sergey Sklyarenko, Arkady Rodionov.

Chapter 6: Vadim Ni, Svetlana Dolgikh.

Chapter 7: Trofimov German, Kapenov Nurlan, Kobzev Alexey.

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