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Exciting Scholarship Announcement!

Kazakh-German University (DKU) is thrilled to announce its partnership with the OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe) for an empowering scholarship opportunity for the Master's program in "Strategic Management of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency" at DKU! 🎓💚

🌍 Calling all aspiring women from Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan! 

🌱 Are you passionate about renewable energy and clean technologies? 

🎯 This scholarship program aims to support and empower young women from these countries in acquiring skills for creating and managing renewable energy facilities, as well as effectively handling clean energy technologies, including energy conservation and efficiency. 💡

👩‍💼 We welcome applications from young women with backgrounds in engineering, thermal power, technology, environmental sciences, economics, and management. 

💚 Moreover, the program extends its reach to junior female employees of renewable energy companies and government organizations committed to promoting green energy in these countries. 

💰 Selected candidates will receive financial assistance, comprehensive training, and networking opportunities. 💼🌐 The program is conducted in English.

Apply now and become a leader in shaping the future of renewable energy!

📝 Application Deadline: August 1, 2023 (Attention to Kazakhstani citizens - Please register for the comprehensive testing by July 15 to Apply for the Scholarship!)

🔗You can leave your contact details in the Google form to learn more about the program.

📩 Please submit your documents to

For admission inquiries, kindly contact: 📧 Alexey Kobzev, Head of the Green Energy and Climate Change Lab.: and  📧 Saniya Akhmetova, Coordinator of the Master's program:

We look forward to connecting with you soon!

July 18, 2023

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